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13214 TMJ dentist

Where can I find a TMJ dentist in DeWitt?

Are you one of the many who suffers from jaw pain, jaw popping, or difficulty moving your jaws? If so, it is time to get proactive and plan a visit to your local DeWitt dental office for an evaluation. At the office of Michael F. Miller, DMD, their highly skilled dentist is committed to staying current in the field, providing the latest in treatment technology and methods for treating chronic jaw pain. As an experienced 13214 TMJ dentist, Dr. Miller is familiarized with the complex interrelations of the jaws, facial muscles, and teeth, and has helped countless patients restore harmony to their oral health.

13214 TMJ dentist

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ), are the joints and muscles which act as the hinges for your jaws on either side of your face. Issues with the TMJ can lead to a variety of difficulties, from interfering with the most basic functional uses of your mouth to excess strain on surrounding musculature. One of the significant problems with TMJ disorder is that it can be attributed to a wide spectrum of underlying causes, from arthritis, teeth grinding or bruxism, to injury, dislocation, stress, or improper tooth or jaw alignment. If you believe you are exhibiting any symptoms of a TMJ disorder, the best thing to do is schedule a comprehensive evaluation with your 13214 TMJ dentist. During your visit, the joints and muscles of your face can be examined for tenderness, clicking, popping or stiffness. Depending on what your dentist finds, treatment may vary.

While the causes and treatments for TMJ can vary quite a bit from patient to patient, your 13214 TMJ dentist is committed to providing you with effective relief that you can count on for your jaw or TMJ pain. For a comprehensive evaluation from an experienced dentist, call the office of Michael F. Miller, DMD today.

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