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DeWitt dentist

Where can I find a dentist in Dewitt?

Despite their growing popularity, did you know that over-the-counter teeth whitening systems can damage the teeth and soft tissue in the mouth? Without the monitoring of a dental professional, many of these products can be easily misused or abused. If you have been considering lightening your smile with teeth whitening, your DeWitt dentist can manage and supervise a safe and effective course of treatment. At the office of Michael F. Miller DMD, their dentist provides a fabulous selection of cosmetic dentistry services for your smile, from custom restorative work and porcelain dental veneers to prescription strength teeth whitening. If a healthy, happy smile is what you are after, Dr. Miller is here to help!

DeWitt dentist

There are a variety of considerations your DeWitt dentist takes into account when determining the most suitable way to whiten your smile. Patients with sensitive teeth, exposed roots, cavities, damaged or loosened restorations, require special consideration when undergoing cosmetic treatment. In cases of cavities or damaged restorations, it is best to have these issues either treated or carefully isolated prior to any cosmetic procedure. Teeth staining can also occur for a variety of reasons; some prove to be more responsive to whitening treatment than others. With certain genetic disorders, medications, and cases of worn enamel, discoloration can occur which may require alternative treatment. With most patients, however, yellowing has occurred from surface stains, brought on by the pigments of foods, and drinks, along with the effects of tobacco use. Dr. Miller offers a customized, take-home bleaching system; your teeth can be whitened on a schedule devised for you, for the safest and most effective results. Your dental trays will be custom fabricated to protect any vulnerable areas of your mouth while you wear them, and optimize the results of your whitening treatment.

If you have begun to consider the best ways to lighten and brighten your smile, your DeWitt dentist offers professional guidance for achieving the healthiest and most effective results. To schedule your next consultation with an experienced dentist who prioritizes your overall oral health and satisfaction, contact the office of Michael F. Miller DMD, today!

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