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DeWitt TMJ Dentist

If chronic facial or jaw pain has begun to affect your overall quality of life, the best thing you can do is schedule a visit to your DeWitt TMJ dentist. At the office of Michael F. Miller DMD, their experienced dentist provides a sweeping range of advanced dentistry services for patients experiencing oral pain or discomfort. From the treatment of toothaches and dental injuries, to jaw pain, periodontal disease, and issues related to the TMJ, Dr. Miller is prepared to determine the precise origin of your oral pain and provide the best possible treatment solutions. Committed to elevating the standard of care for his patients, Dr. Miller offers his support throughout your oral care experience, from taking the time to address your questions and concerns, to providing the gentle, compassionate treatment you deserve.

DeWitt TMJ Dentist

The temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as the TMJ, is the joint that hinges your jaw to the rest of your skull. The TMJ gets plenty of regular usage in our daily activities, whether we are speaking, swallowing or chewing. In cases of improper jaw alignment or an improper bite, the complex system of bones, muscles, and jaw joints can be prevented from working properly, resulting in a painful TMJ disorder. When it comes to determining the precise origins of jaw pain, your DeWitt TMJ dentist is highly experienced, and will perform a careful analysis of your bite, closely examining the surrounding muscle and soft tissue. Oftentimes, an improper bite can precipitate muscle tension in areas radiating out from the TMJ. Depending on your specific needs, your DeWitt TMJ dentist will discuss the most suitable course of treatment to reestablish your oral health.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating dental pain, your DeWitt TMJ dentist is an exceptional resource. Providing state-of-the-art treatment for TMJ as well as a wide range of advanced dentistry services for the restoration and rehabilitation of your smile, you’ll be glad you called the office of Michael F. Miller DMD for your oral care needs. If you’re experiencing chronic facial or jaw pain of any measure, give a call to his helpful staff to schedule your next visit today!

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